What We Offer

About Skin offers Non-Surgical Aesthetic Treatments. About Skin is ideal for you if you:

▪ Have a busy lifestyle or cannot be away  from work for a long time

▪ Want visible results with minimal downtime

▪ Wanted to be treated in a safe, responsible and professional environment

▪ Want safe under-roof parking

Our team of Professionals:

Carina de Lange – Owner and Therapist

▪ Diploma Skincare Therapy – Madge Wallace International Collage of Skincare

▪ Diploma for Beauty Specialists – ITEC London

Dr Johann Greyling – Aesthetic General Practitioner

Facials & Chemical Peels

Perfect for all skin types, especially dry or sensitive skin, our professional enzyme peels deliver powerful skin rejuvenation and visible results in just one treatment.


  1. Improves skin texture
  2. Reveals healthy, glowing, fresh skin
  3. Removes dead skin cells
  4. Preserves youthful appearance
  5. Increases moisture retention
  6. Improves skin barrier function
  7. Stimulates elastin and collagen
  8. reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  9. reduces surface pigmentation

I do the following Chemical Peels:

  • DermXcel
  • Lamelle
  • Image Skincare

The harshness and ph of the peels differ from very mild, to deeper Retinol Peels.


  1. Make Up for: Weddings – the whole Bridal Party; Special Occasions – Matric Farewell, Wedding Anniversary, etc
  2. Make Up Workshops – Teenagers. We teach them about skincare, the basics and how to, for that special date.
  3. Group Workshops, Mother’s and Daughters, Mature Ladies.

Hair Removal

Venus VersaTM delivers intense Pulsed Light with SmartPulseTM  to  the deeper  layers of the skin to target the pigment and destroy the hair follicle. The SmartPulseTM technology ensures safe and consistent heat distribution, while the real-time cooling system keeps skin protected.

We do it for underarms, facial hair, back and legs and bikini area. Most patients receive 6 -10 treatments performed 6 weeks apart for the face and 4 – 8 weeks aprt for the body. The duration of each individual treatment will depend on the area being treated.


Is a manual exfoliation technique, removes surface debris  with custom dermaplaning blade.

 Benefits of dermaplaning:

  1. Primes skin for chemical peel
  2. Creates healthier more radiant appearance
  3. Immediately diminishes the appearance of fine wrinkles and lines.

Brows & Lashes

Tinting is dying your lashes/brows to get a colour that suits your skin tone,  brings out your eyes and matches your hair colour no matter what shade you decide to dye it. This technique enhances the brows and adds shape to your face while the lash tinting reduces the amount of mascara needed and brings out your eyes.

One Skin Needling Pen

This treatment has been used successfully to treat:

  • Fine lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Lax and sun-damaged skin
  • Reduce the appearance of stretch marks,
  • Improve acne ice pick scars
  • Induce hair regrowth. 
  • Used to tighten skin after weight-loss.  
  • It can be safely performed on all skin types and ethnicities.

Venus Versa Skin Rejuvenation

It is a powerful, Intense Pulsed Light treatment with SmartPulse Technology. It reduces visible signs of premature aging, such as fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, brown spots, visible veins and discoloration.

Clients will receive 3- 4 treatments, a session done +/- 4 weeks apart. 

Downtime is minimal and with the advanced cooling system, the treatment is more comfortable.

Venus Versa Body Contouring & Skin Tightening

  • It is a Non-invasive Treatment that uses Multi-Polar Radio Frequency & Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields to treat multiple concerns, including wrinkles, cellulite, stretch marks and lax skin.
  • Clients will receive 6 – 8 treatments per area that is done once a week.
  • Safe for all skin types
  • No downtime and the treatment feels like a hot massage

Dr Johann Greyling

Our specialist on board does the following:
Weight Loss
Plexir for AntiAgeing, Small Lesions and non Surgical Blepharoplasty (eyelid lift)

Lash Lift

What is a Lash Lift?
Many people have beautiful long lashes, but it is straight and not very visible.
It is a treatment where your lashes are brushed up and over a soft “rod”. They are held in place while a “perming” solution is applied. This is left on for a few minutes, cleansed off and then a setting neutralizing solution is applied. It takes  few minutes to neutràlize and then rinsed.
If your lashes are a blonde colour or you would like a more intense colour, the lashes are tinted.
The tint will fade after about 3-4 weeks. The curling effect will last +/- 8weeks. Tinting can be done seperate from the Lash Lift.

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